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High Quality Iron Security Doors in Denver, Colorado

At ABC Custom Iron in Denver, Colorado, we make high quality security doors for your home or building.
Security Door, Custom Ironwork, ABC Custom Iron, Denver, CO

What's Different About ABC's Security Doors


Steel Door & Jamb

Our security doors feature both a steel door and jamb with welded one-piece construction. This makes our doors much stronger than traditional doors that use a 3 piece aluminum jamb system that are not reinforced with a header.

Welded Ball-Bearing Hinges

Our hinge system features 3 ball-bearing hinges that are custom made for the door. They are welded to the steel jamb. This gives our doors more strength than other doors that have only 2 hinges that are screwed on.

Tempered and Pamper-Proof Fasteners

The fasteners on our doors are 5/16” x 3” long. They are tempered and Pamper-Proof. This means that they are more than 2 times bigger than other doors out there.

Solid Steel Ornamental Bars

The ornamental bars on our doors are solid steel. This means that they are much stronger than doors that use hollow ornamental bars.

Steel Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Our security doors feature a steel double cylinder deadbolt with passage doorknob. This allows for a strong and convenient locking system. In most cases we can match the door key you already use. We also have Marks Mortise locks available, however we do not recommend them.

Superior Weather-stripping

We use superior weather-stripping on our doors. It is similar to the weather-stripping found on car doors, not the fussy stuff on other doors.

Top Screen

A top screen is included with our security doors. We have bottom screens available, however pets and children are typically very hard on them.

Fully Custom Made

At ABC Custom Iron we take pride in our work. Our doors are 100% custom made. This means we measure, fabricate, and install each and every door to your home or building. We do not have pre-fabricated parts or products like many competitors.
Steel Door, Custom Ironwork, ABC Custom Iron, Denver, CO
Customized Door, Custom Ironwork, ABC Custom Iron, Denver, CO